Keep such trust on a person that breaking it hurts him more than it does to you !!!😊😊

P.s: My “Birthdays “are so wierd for me😅😅but going through a similar day !!

Another folk art!!!!!

When colours define a emotion that everyone could see but only the artist could sense ,something magical is created. The ancient art styles ( “gharanas” ) of India are the best examples of these . The colours made from natural pigments ; the brushes gifted by nature (mother earth) are accepted as blessings but the artists. We worship these and depict the ascendancy of nature with our strokes. We return those boxes of presents with interest .We utilise those , to create something that will allow the world to see with our eyes and sense with each of their organ, feel in every strand of their hair . We spread love .

This painting shows the immense dedication ,love and worship of Meera towards Krishna.


The unconditional bond of love !!

An Indian folk art depicting how a mother protects her child from the roughness of the outside world …. fighting all odds just to keep him safe in her “aanchal”( secure in her arms ).

“Mixed media on rag paper….wierd ..but yes felt like doing it so!!”

When you are brave enough to face the unexpected … get to see a better version of the expected!!!

Do you know sometimes everyone makes you realise that ,

You were so busy trying to make others happy,
That you lost you happiness ,
And no-one is trying to reciprocate your efforts.

You are left alone
With your dreams and thoughts,
Alone with yourself;
And that is the time you have your conversation with yourself.
Your know ‘yourself’
Your fall in love with ‘yourself’
You take a stand for ‘yourself’
You ‘Be ‘ yourself.

Te Quiero

Saw you standing when the sun was behind you,
You looked divine altough it was nothing new.
Then you smiled at me,
A smile that could take the world by a second,
Happiness is what everyday to my address you send.

‘Te Quiero’ you said
And in my corazón you invaded,
When I was to say ,
Words did betray me,
But you still smiled, a smile of pure glee.

The moment felt so pure,
You were right I was sure.
And to the world ,
I wanted to say , Stay away !
Él mine , and I won’t share anyway. …….mohor


To the dreams and aspirations that I let go,
Today I am thinking of you , moving past my living room ,to and fro !!

I can see you sinking inside me,
You’re a part of me, deep down inside
I can see you fading out, just like the morning fog.
And now I see your pleading eyes ,
Asking me questions, begging to make you arise.
I am sorry, it can’t happen,
Now it’s time for us to part ways;
I know it’s my fault, it’s my greed , it’s only me.
But I promise to keep a part of you alive,
Like a blinking bulb, like the water on the edge of leaves shining,
Remembering those golden days,
Ah! Those golden days.
Once you were all of me, now I am none of you,
You are free to go , but sadly without me you can’t even row.
You will learn some day ,learn to live, learn to stick to someone as you did with me.
Though it’s not completely lie, if I say at some point you were the reason of my glee.
Letting go of you is not as easy as I thought it would be ,
But fate has written something great for us,
Let’s just trust and see,
Let me just love ,the rest of me.
But don’t you be afraid , I am never gonna forget thee !

– Ankita Chakraborty

Sometimes a sight is just enough!!!

Here I am laying on my bed,
Thinking of something that I said to none.
Still not sure if it’s right or wrong,
But something is giving me affirmation it being my favourite song.

Slowly light started fading out,
I could see darkness all over, oh wait! should I shout?
I guess no, ‘cause I saw a ray, a ray of hope,
Am I going to die? My mind said nope.

Oh! I was right; now I just woke up in a different world
Yes, this is what I wanted I thought and twirled.
I saw a world where I was free, free in my actions
Where I could make people smile and they gave me their affection.

All I ever taught and wished for humanity in its true sense
And for that I was determined to cross any fence.
But here I am standing in a utopian society,
Am I dreaming or is it just the grace of ‘Almighty’?

I pinched myself and soon regretted,
Thought it was just a dream that can’t be repeated.
Back I was in a place,
Where people are still being judged by their race.

I peeped outside my window, something that caught my eye,
A man shivering in cold and his breath saying him goodbye.
There came a little boy with a blanket and some food,
Saying, Oh! Grandpa don’t worry you will be all good.

Yes, I was mistaken, humanity still existed
My heart said it but head still persisted.
I would make my dream come true one day,
And will be confident enough to say my head was wrong that day!!

Dream is not just a mere sight;
It’s an emotion and inspiration but a fuel in your flight!!

-Ankita Chakraborty

When colours speak for themselves!

As a student I strongly believe that everything and everyone teaches us lessons. Some use words while others prefer doing it tacitfully.

We aren’t undmindful of the fact ,that paintings for generations have been a vivid form for expressing our perception regarding anything.Be it a simple splash of colours or a hyperrealistic portrait ,emotions are always attached.

This painting shows how a moden human is laying upon his problems that are as sharp as arrows just the way “Bhishma” layed upon the arrow bed.